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Kids N Paws is a woman and Latina-owned business in Denver, CO.

Marlene has always been creative and crafty. From her days in elementary school where she made book reports come to life all the way through college making crafts and decorations for her sorority.  As newcomer to Colorado, she began exploring the large variety of markets and festivals throughout the summers. While at these events, she noticed that there was hardly anything available for kids and dogs. This sparked an idea to start creating again for two groups that she loves - children and pets. Marlene makes all products and is also behind the scenes with our social media and website. During the day she is an IT Project Manager and when she's off the clock, she switches gears to Kids N Paws.

When she's not working or creating, she enjoys baking, yoga, and spending time with her Goldendoodle, Benny.

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